About us

alley consists of an independent team of more than 40 experts. Get to know the founders and people behind alley.

The purpose of alley

Our values describe what matters most to us as regards collaboration and in our everyday work, how we treat each other, what we stand for, and the attributes that define us as a team.


We learn together and from each other every day. Our understanding of community and cohesion are shaped by regular interaction across workstreams and by getting to know one another personally.


By way of support, feedback and encouragement, we create a strong platform for achieving excellence. We appreciate individuals’ qualities and skills, and celebrate our successes..


We approach our work with an open mind and a spirit of generosity. Our curiosity and passion inspire us to gain the insights on a small scale that we need to succeed on a grand scale.


We are secure in the knowledge that everyone accepts and appreciates one another. This reliance gives us strength, makes us eager to experiment, and encourages every member of the team to accept responsibility.


Development opportunities are always available, as is the freedom to represent your own personal interests. Everyone here is free to shape their work in a way that makes the job worthwhile.


The ambition and belief of each individual that they can exert a positive influence on society is what sustains us in the long run. It is important to us to promote and support the desire to live and work by healthy principles.

Our memberships

Spitzenverband Digitale Gesundheitsversorgung
Gesundheitsregion KölnBonn
bundesverband internetmedizin

People cannot live healthy lives on a planet that is unwell.

Marie C. Hohensee, Medical Expert & Climate Officer

alley belongs to the Leaders for Climate Action community

alley accepts long-term responsibility and is working towards the goal of climate neutrality. To this end our CO 2 emissions, arising from digital infrastructure and travel for example, are offset.

The target is to reduce emissions by 30 % and integrate sustainability in the corporate culture.

Initiative Leaders for Climate Action

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