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What therapies are available for arthritis? How do I live with arthritis? alley supports you at every stage of your treatment.

alley during your treatment

Recording every aspect of your case history

The alley app helps you to pool all the information relevant to your arthritis treatment in one place and to keep it at your fingertips. It prevents information getting lost between individual stages and actors, and avoids the need to repeat your case history many times over.


Quality-assured content relating to your condition

Based on your personal details, the app provides you with relevant content, background information and tips to help you more fully understand your arthritis diagnosis and therapy options. It also suggests suitable exercises so that you can play an active part in your recovery.

Actively contribute to your recuperation

Get involved in planning your therapy with the aid of alley. Apart from offering information and guidance on how best to prepare for your next appointment, the app also gives you the opportunity to express your own goals and needs relating to your arthritis treatment.


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alley care management

alley care managers are medically trained professionals. They are your personal contacts for any questions concerning your course of treatment.
You can reach them by phone or e-mail.

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What patients say about alley


The app is great. It’s easy to use and highly informative. I’ve been enjoying the videos especially.

Herbert L., age 60


Before my knee operation I had never been in hospital and I was rather nervous. The checklists in the app helped me a lot. The alley care management team in particular were amazing – they resolved my queries and supported me after the operation as well.

Doris M., age 56

Quality & data protection

alley collaborates with leading German clinics and international experts. Find out more about our commitment to quality.

About alley

As your medical assistant and personal adviser, alley is always by your side. Learn how alley can help you with arthritis of the knee or hip.


Customized specialist advice, appointment management, medication plan and more. Click for a summary of all the app’s functions.