Knee or hip complaints?

alley is the smart companion for people with arthritis of the knee or hip. Helping you to get the best treatment and improve your quality of life. Where there is alley, there is a way.


Empowered for the
treatment journey

alley facilitates mutual understanding between you and your doctor. Use the alley app to get as ready as possible for treatment or surgery, and to keep on top of pain development and medication.

Always to hand – including between appointments

alley is your constant companion before, during and after treatment. You can launch the app and talk in person to the medical professionals of the alley care management team at any time.


It’s about more
than your joints

Whether you want to return to work or go hiking, alley always focuses on you and your treatment. And because everyone’s needs are different, you are offered customized content and videos.


Medical device

alley is a class 1 medical device and certified to ISO standards 9001, 13485 and 27001


Data protection

alley satisfies the strictest requirements relating to data protection and security

These clinics collaborate with alley

alley cooperates with a variety of clinics and rehabilitation centres specializing in orthopaedics and trauma surgery throughout Germany. Regular communication with the quality network fosters direct learning based on local experience.

What patients say about alley


The app is great. It’s easy to use and highly informative. I’ve been enjoying the videos especially.

"" Herbert L., age 60


Before my knee operation I had never been in hospital and I was rather nervous. The checklists in the app helped me a lot. The alley care management team in particular were amazing – they resolved my queries and supported me after the operation as well.

"" Doris M., age 56 


The team behind alley

The team behind alley share their insights in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, psychology, rehabilitation, informatics, mathematics, economics and the social sciences. The founders have already gathered many years of experience and expertise in the healthcare sector. They understand both the market and the potential of personalized patient care.

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The alley manifesto

We are an independent team dedicated to developing quality-driven solutions that contribute to the best possible medical care. Solutions that support patients undergoing sometimes protracted treatment so that they understand their diagnosis and therapy options more fully and can influence what happens next with confidence. These are the reasons that inspired the development of alley.

alley is an app that seeks to support patients with complex conditions, from the initial symptoms to successful treatment and beyond. At the same time, alley is much more than just an app.

alley is a medical assistant, information platform and adviser all in one. alley aggregates data to record every aspect of your case history for doctors and in order to assist patients in preparing for appointments. alley explains risk factors and outlines different therapy options. In short, alley does everything it can to assist patients in obtaining comprehensive care. As easy as pie, by smartphone.

We strongly believe that emotional support can be just as important as expert advice. And that not every aspect of medical care can be measured with instruments. alley champions a better quality of life, freedom from pain, renewed mobility and the opportunity for patients to live the daily life they wish again.


Any questions? The alley care managers are your personal contacts and always pleased to help.

My arthritis treatment

As your medical assistant and personal adviser, alley is always by your side. Learn how alley can help you with arthritis of the knee or hip.


Customized specialist advice, appointment management, medication plan and more. Click for a summary of all the app’s functions.