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Knee or hip complaints? The alley app accompanies you during your treatment. It’s a medical assistant, information platform and adviser – all in one.


You are offered specialist and scientifically reviewed articles and videos tailored to your health condition and life situation.

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Appointment management

Manage all your appointments in one place. For your forthcoming appointment to discuss treatment, you are given tips on how to prepare, reminders about any documents you need to take with you, and information about further treatment options.

You can provide the doctors who are treating you with an aggregated summary of your health data.


The alley trainer offers you customized exercises based on personalized questions about your activity level. You can do these exercises alongside physiotherapy, but also independently throughout your treatment, in order to strengthen your muscles and improve your physical fitness.

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Medication plan

Keep a medication log. Simply scan the packaging or enter the central pharmaceutical number (PZN). This gives your doctors an overview of your medication and enables them to coordinate further prescriptions as your treatment proceeds.

Pain button

Pain type and intensity are key indicators of your condition. The digital pain diary allows you to record pain in real time and make the information available for diagnosis and therapy purposes.

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alley care management

alley care managers are medically trained professionals.
They are your personal contacts for any questions concerning your course of treatment.
You can reach them by phone or e-mail.

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Any questions? We look forward to hearing from you.


Your health and quality of life depend on many factors. We use science-based questionnaires to record every aspect of your health condition and life situation. This enables your doctors to tailor treatment to your specific needs.

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Health data

You retain control and determine which doctors can consult your health data and use the information for treatment purposes. If you revoke the authorization, the disclosure of your data to the doctors who are treating you is disabled.

Performance check

The performance check gives you an objective summary of your physical fitness in five categories: stamina, strength, mobility, speed and coordination. By answering questions about your performance at various stages of your treatment, you can monitor changes in your physical fitness and therefore the effectiveness of your therapy.

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My arthritis treatment

As your medical assistant and personal adviser, alley is always by your side. Learn how alley can help you with arthritis of the knee or hip.


Any questions? The alley care managers are your personal contacts and always pleased to help.

Quality & data protection

alley collaborates with leading German clinics and international experts. Find out more about our commitment to quality.