alley stands for value-based medicine

alley is committed to the goal of developing quality-driven solutions for the healthcare sector.

alley puts value-based medicine
into practice

Although some diagnoses are identical, only rarely can the same be said of illnesses and experiences. For this reason, emotional support is just as important as expert advice. And not every aspect of medical care can be measured with instruments.

alley stands for value-based medicine. The patient’s perspective and quality of life are the key indicators of the quality of a treatment of therapy. These determinants are assessed by Patient Reported Outcome and Experience Measures (PROMs and PREMs). For this purpose alley brings together, by way of a medical platform, everyone involved in the course of treatment: patients, doctors, physiotherapists and other professionals.

The goal is to improve the quality of treatment by organizing the medical care in a more personalized and targeted way, on the basis of international value-based medicine standards


The starting point for value-based medicine is a holistic view of the patient and their life situation. Data collected on this basis provide individual doctors and other care practitioners with a more complete picture of the treatment needs.

Manuel Mandler, CEO of alley


Data analysis for the best possible treatment outcomes

Analysis of treatment outcomes for the benefit of health services research and healthcare management. The analysis is performed with a medical data model built according to international standards of value-based medicine.

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People cannot live healthy lives on a planet that is unwell.

Marie C. Hohensee, Medical Expert

alley belongs to the Leaders
for Climate Action community

alley accepts long-term responsibility and is working towards the goal of climate neutrality. To this end our CO 2 emissions, arising from digital infrastructure and travel for example, are offset.

The target is to reduce emissions by 30 % and integrate sustainability in the corporate culture.

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An independent
and diverse team

The team behind alley share their insights in the fields of medicine, neuroscience, psychology, rehabilitation, informatics, mathematics, economics and the social sciences.

The founders have already gathered many years of experience and expertise in the healthcare sector, and understand both the market and the potential of personalized patient care.


Customized specialist advice, appointment management, medication plan and more. Click for a summary of all the app’s functions.

For doctors

alley supports the treatment and the planning of therapy for arthritis of the hip or knee. Discover more about alley for doctors and therapists.

Quality & data protection

alley collaborates with leading German clinics and international experts. Find out more about our commitment to quality.